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Cooke, Graham

Graham Cooke is one of the clearest teachers on the prophetic.  His heart is that each of us encounter the heart of the Father.  Over and over he makes clear that the point of hearing God is so that we can draw near to him. What makes him controversial with some is his dogged insistence that God is “the kindest person I’ve ever known” and truly Good.

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False vs. Poor Prophecy – Part 1 & 2

In these clips, Graham Cooke does a phenomenal job in showing the difference between Old & New Testament prophecy and takes a lot of the fear and inappropriate expectation out of prophecy. P.S. These videos might be controversial to some, but I urge you to not react categorically, but ask the Lord what parts are …

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God’s Voice Sounds Like

One of the things people struggling in hearing God’s voice is that we’ve heard so many religious voices in our lifetime, claiming to speak for God, but only bring shame, blame and bondage, rather than the freedom Jesus spoke of.  Graham Cooke does an amazing job of helping us understand what God’s voice sounds like so …

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Hearing Strange Voices

Most of the most incredible experiences we’ve had and many people in the Bible had, are because God did something odd, and the people instead of just going about their business stopped and turned aside to see what it was and ask God about it (think Moses’ burning bush).  One of the best things we …

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How A Prophetic Word Comes Alive

I don’t know anyone else who can make your head spin and your heart leap more times in a minute than Graham Cooke.  And in this clip, he does it again.  He will say more deep things in a minute than I can take breaths.  But more than that he strikes your heart and especially …

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Pastoring People Prophetically

In this incredible clip, Graham Cooke unpacks how walking prophetically (hearing God and doing what He says) affects how we lead, pastor, mentor and disciple others.  

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Prophetic Persistence

Listening to Graham Cooke for me is kind of like being in a washing machine while it’s running! I’m bombard by so much that just sweeps by me and takes the junk with it, but often times it happens so fast and furious, that I don’t really know what happened, just that I’m clean, I …

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Stepping Into Your Truest Identity

One of the most difficult parts of a conversation with God is that He never seems to talk about what we want to whine about!    This actually is really confusing for a lot of people, because they’ll cry out to God with questions like “Why are you doing this to me?!” (add a kid’s …

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The Art of Thinking Brilliantly

If our thoughts are dark, depressed, fearful, angry, frustrated, or just negative, we have not room for God’s thoughts!  And so it makes it incredibly difficult to hear God.  If that’s the case, you need to do what Graham Cooke  says and “have a new thought!”  In the first video, Graham teaches us how to …

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The Missing Piece

So many people cannot hear God, because they don’t understand how He relates to them!  Graham Cooke puts this to rest and even if you know how God relates to you, this is like a good regular tune-up, because living in this world often skews what we know to be true! So drink this in …

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  1. Shemen

    I agree wholeheartedly! God really is the kindest person I’ve ever met!

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