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Sample Conversation

Sample Conversation - Prophetic Activation NotesLet me give you a sample conversation (this is real and I’m writing it as it is happening right now)…

italics font and indented for God and regular font for me.

God, what do you want to say to me?

I see a purple sunset with sunbeams shooting out

Lord, what does that mean? What are saying?

then the clouds begin to shift and pull away from the sun, and I realize it is not a sunset, but a sunrise) and the purple which was beautiful but dark begins fade to the edges and the sun’s light begins to pour out over the landscape.

Lord, that’s so beautiful, but what does it mean?

I hear Him say, “Keep watching!”

As I keep watching out of the place where the sun is flows a stream, not a big one, but one that grows, not as it descends, but rather as it climbs the hill, I’m standing on.  Indeed, the stream is flowing uphill. Whoa!

 Wow, Lord! What does that mean?

“Ask me another question.”

What should I ask you, Lord?

“That’s a good one! But no, I mean ask me what the stream is.”

Okay, what’s the stream, Lord?

“It’s a stream of favor headed your way.”

Wow! What am I supposed to do with it?

“A better question is what are you to do “in” it! :)

Okay, what am I to do “in” it?! :)

“Put a boat in it, but don’t paddle, steer!”

Steer for what?

“For the middle of the stream, away from the banks. And the stream will carry you up into the mountains.”

What are the mountains?

“The mountains are your destiny, your calling.” 

Okay, let me break here.  This was an amazing conversation, because God renewed to me some of the things He’s said before, and has told me not to strive for them (paddle), but just stay in the center of what He is doing (stream flowing up hill), and His favor will carry me into my destiny.

Now your conversation may sound totally different.  God speaks in a thousand different ways and that’s just before breakfast! And he speaks to everyone differently at different times.  But hopefully you got hold of the main point, which is keep asking and keep looking (Dan. 7:9) until you see what He is showing, hear what He is saying, and your heart is warmed!


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